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Sunday June 30 – Main Stage

2PM – 3PM

The Sinquah Family Dance Troupe


The Sinquah Family Dance Troupe are Moontee Sinquah and his sons, Sampson and Scott


The Sinquah Family Dance Troupe are Hopi/Tewa/Choctaw nations, from the Hopi villages located in northern Arizona. The troupe consists of Moontee Sinquah and his sons, Sampson and Scott, all of whom are deeply rooted in the Hopi culture and tradition.They will tell you music is the medicine that allowed them to make a life that helped them endure and also educate and entertain people all over the world. In addition to music, they are World Champion Hoop Dancers; titles they hold humbly and with it seek to educate and entertain as much as possible.

The World Champion Hoop Dance contest is held annually at the Internationally-renowned Heard Museum in Phoenix Arizona. In addition to being World Champion Hoop Dancers, Moontee is a champion Grass Dancer, Scott is a champion Fancy War Dancer and Sampson is a champion Prairie Chicken Dancer in the USA and Canada. The Sinquah family are well known in the pow wow circuit and traveling internationally with other very talented musicians has brought an influence to their traditional and contemporary music and dance mix. They have preformed throughout Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Denmark- Roskilde Festival); Malaysia; all across Canada (from the Vancouver Folk Fest to the Sky Dome in Toronto); and in the United States (1998 Olympics.Atlanta & 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah to the Grass Roots Festival, Trumansburg, New York 1997-2018).

The Sinquah Family Dance Troupe is an awe-inspiring, entertaining and educational family. Their ultimate goal is to inspire all youth to find a profession that will help their community.

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