• Thank you so much for doing this very important work. Speaking truth to power is a bold and courageous act. We cannot have reconciliation without first having truth as the very foundation of all the things we do. I can’t begin to express how this work is so needed and so vital, especially during this time. Maraming salamat (Thank you in Tagalog) Solidarity!


  • I have taken the tour a couple of times and each time I get something more from it. Thank you for providing a way for everyone to learn about the history of the residential schools. It is not an easy video to watch but certainly an important and powerful one. Nya:wen.


  • I found this tour very informative and helpful in understanding what indigenous have gone through while attending residential schools. While it is awful and heartbreaking to say the least, I am happy light is being shed on the topic, and that the truth is being revealed. My heart is with the survivors of these schools.


  • This is the second time I have watched this video in the past year. It is hard emotionally to watch but it is a must and I strongly believe that every Canadian needs to watch this video and do their own learning and investigating. We all need to open our ears and “Be the Change” towards showing our support to the indigenous’s the least we can do!


  • Thank you, so much for the virtual tour. I am definitely going to visit and bring folks in the future. As a social worker in a profession that has a long history of colonial violence, I have deep contention with occupying that space and aspire towards making social work in its current iteration obsolete. That has furthered my learning of the insidious history that has been obscured from non-Indigenous consciousness, and this tour helps to further inform my praxis and serves as a powerful reminder that we need to improve and build meaningful settler-Indigenous relationships, while upholding Indigenous sovereignty. Deep gratitude.


  • This was an invaluable experience that provided insights and real stories to broaden my understanding of indigenous experiences and history, and subsequently Canadian history. As a white Canadian with settler ancestors, this tour gave me incredible perspective on where Canada has been, where it is, and where we hope to go with reconciliation. I’m very grateful for this experience.


  • This virtual tour was an amazing opportunity. For a remote experience it was thorough, informative and engaging. I am grateful to have been able to receive the knowledge shared by the tour leader and during the q&a. (anonymous please)


  • The virtual tour was heavy on the heart, yet informative and interesting. Thank you


  • I thought I knew about residential schools but it is a whole different experience walking through the school and hearing some of the stories both from the narrator and from the survivors themselves. I was stunned and saddened into deeper knowledge and more committed than ever to stand as an ally with my Indigenous sisters and brothers. This truth telling is part of the necessary grief to lead us towards real reconciliation. Thank you for this truth telling and on behalf of those of us who are descendants of settlers, I am deeply sorry and grieved by the terrible cruelty inflicted on Indigenous children and their families.


  • I still find it amazing that in this day and time that many people growing up (and still today) did not know that residential schools existed. I appreciate that the survivors are willing to share their stories, as hard as it is, so that we who have not experienced such hardship can learn what was done to others in the name of ‘progress’. (I would like to remain anonymous please)