• It was powerful, heartbreaking and informative. The mixture of video tour and survivor experiences was profound. I highly recommend this both as an introduction and as a deeper understanding of this aspect of our colonial history and its enduring impact.


  • The interview clips of the Survivors was very impactful, and heartbreaking. I thank them for their bravery.


  • Thank you for helping me better understand and appreciate the legacy of the residential school system as listening to these truths and seeing the evidence is the first step in healing and reconciliation among us. I was lucky enough to visit the Woodlands Cultural center several times in the past, and have always been humbled and thrilled by the fact that this place of learning and cultural sharing occupies the grounds of the former Mohawk Institute with its dark history. That juxtaposition is truly inspiring. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to visiting again in person and learning more.


  • Girls Performance in festival

    Very eye opening and enlightening. Layla did a great job answering questions and sharing information.


  • Eye opening. Heartbreaking. All Canadians should take the tour because it is on us to learn and do our part for Truth and Reconciliation. Anonymous


  • Layla’s passion and knowledge were inspiring. The personal stories combined with the video made this very, very real. Thank you.


  • A powerful journey that must be taken at least once by every Canadian.


  • Thank you so much for doing this very important work. Speaking truth to power is a bold and courageous act. We cannot have reconciliation without first having truth as the very foundation of all the things we do. I can’t begin to express how this work is so needed and so vital, especially during this time. Maraming salamat (Thank you in Tagalog) Solidarity!


  • It is so shocking to hear what the children had to do and experience. I’m so saddened this has happened in Canada. My grandmother was raised at Six Nations and I find it alarming that there are only 13 people who speak her native tongue left. Thank you for giving me this tour.


  • As a person of colour, I was reminded of the institues I was a part of in my childhood–schools and churches. It was difficult to hear that malnourished children were made to work so hard. I liked hearing the story of the spirited little girl who took punishment, more than once, in order to provide apples for her peers–resilience. I read of the institute that existed in Orillia for the intellectually disabled. Having worked in a group home, with a person who was released from the institute, I saw directly how living there had profoundly shaped this person in adverse ways. Institutes are toxic environments for staff and residents alike. Healing work needs to be done.