• Understandably, dark overshadows light when we learn about residential schools. One thing this tour showed me, though, is that within this terrible place, there were children determined to be children. They played, secretly, when they could. They looked out for one another. They were resilient.


  • I’m sad and angry that this happened to our children including my grandfather. I feel a need to learn as much as I can about what the children may have experienced.


  • The virtual tour has an eye-opening experience. It really shed a light on the appalling conditions at the Mohawk Institute and the experiences of those who lived through it.


  • I closed my eyes and shook my head in shame – this really hurts. Sadness and anger – just an emotional roller coaster ride.

    Bina Anne

  • The virtual tour really brought my mind a much deeper understanding of what kind of experiences indigenous children, families and survivors have endured. Its not a media story but a genuine, honest and humbling way to hear the truth of what indigenous humans have endured. It’s one piece of learning that has connected dots to so many other pieces of information you have. The facilitation was very professional and sensitive to the content and subject matter. Thanks so much to all for sharing this.


  • I am telling everyone I know about this tour! I actually had it recommended to me by a colleague. I really didn’t know what to expect from this, but the product was really well-done and I learned so much. I would like to visit the physical building in the future when it’s safe. Thank you for this experience.


  • Thank you for finding a way to share this dark part of our history even while the school building is currently closed.


  • This event was so informative, emotional and moving. It’s so so important for us to learn about the dark history behind the making of this country so that we can truly acknowledge it and make the efforts to improve these conditions as so many injustices are still ongoing. This event made me want to cry and truly broke my heart and I’ve very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn everything I did today. Thank you! (I would like to remain anonymous)


  • Joining the online tour made my heart heavy. What sadness and fear must the children have felt for years? I deeply respect the courage and strength it takes for survivors and generational survivors to face this dishonourable past and still offer a bridge to respectful community. Thank you.


  • It was an incredible journey of learning and also of deep emotion. Great dialogue in the Q/A session following the tour. Thank you for starting the session with the grounding exercise of the Thanksgiving address and for reminding folks to check in with themselves and ask to talk so someone if they felt triggered. Thank you for sharing.