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Woodland Cultural Centre is a leader in the revitalization and celebration of Hodinohsho:ni culture, language, history, and art. Community and visitors can research, reaffirm, and celebrate Indigenous cultures, languages, histories, art, and values.

“A museum may be a wonderful building, but we have to change the way people experience it. We’ve got to be more user-friendly; we’ve got to relate the building to the community, the earth. We’ve got to talk about ideas, we’ve got to talk about issues, and we ‘ve got to talk about beautiful things too. We’ve got to talk about humour and about all of the things that make human beings the way they are.”

– Tom Hill, All Roads are Good: Native Voices on Life and Culture, Page 186.

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As a centre of excellence, Woodland Cultural Centre envisions a future where Hodinohsho:ni people will speak their language, know and practice their culture, and share their history.

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Donate to the Woodland Cultural Centre to ensure we can continue to develop and provide programming and resources to our communities, to our schools, and the public; they will also ensure that we continue to grow and thrive as a Cultural Centre.

What Your Donations Will Support:

Education and Public Programs

Our Education department opens the doors to the past, present, and future of Southern Ontario’s First Nations. The department develops original resource materials to support learning through virtual and in-person programs and educational curriculum materials for schools. Through our work we facilitate Indigenous and non-Indigenous understanding by providing education programs and family activities, producing innovative exhibitions, promoting local artists through music, dance, film, theatre, and more, and creating language resources.

Additionally, we work to honor Residential School survivors by ensuring Indigenous voices and perspectives are leading and defining reconciliation efforts through all our programs.

Basket Making Workshop

Dwadwęnagá:da:t Language Centre (DLC)

Our Language Centre is dedicated to strengthening, revitalizing, and maintaining First Nations Languages, locally, regionally, and nationally. The Language Department has actively worked for over 35 years with language speakers, learners, Knowledge Keepers, and teachers to produce community resources in our languages.

We aim to support grassroots language programs in our communities, and across the Hodinohsho:ni Confederacy. The Language Department has been instrumental in a massive effort to revitalize languages at all levels in the community, including immersion schools.

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The Museum

Our Museum and Galleries are an integral element of the Woodland Cultural Centre. The museum offers direct services to the Wahta Mohawks, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, and Six Nations of the Grand River communities. The Museum collection is of national significance and if often the reference point for research and curation and has shaped cultural understandings through its exhibitions, publications, symposium and conference.

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The Collection

Our collection of over 50,000 artifacts are accessioned in the collections of the Museum, making the Museum at the Centre one of the largest and most influential facilities in Canada managed and administered by First Nations. The Museum holdings include archaeological specimens, ethnological materials, historical material, documents, furniture, contemporary paintings, drawings, graphics, sculptures, photographs, fine crafts and contemporary installations.

The Collection

Resource Library

In operation since the Centre’s opening in 1972, is a non-lending library located in the former Mohawk Institute building. Our librarian is available to assist with academic research and is working to digitize our archives for easy accessibility, including records from the Mohawk Institute Residential School.

Your contribution would ensure that we can continue to deliver the highest quality programs centered on a Hodinohsho:ni worldview, celebrating, and sharing Indigenous culture, language, and art.

The Collection

How Can You Help?

There are many ways that individuals and groups can get involved to support the Woodland
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