The First Nations Language program is dedicated to rationalizing, revitalizing and maintaining First Nations Languages, locally, regionally and nationally in the capacity of advisory services and best practices.

After 35 years, the Language Department is excited about the increasing interests in raising the bar from offering mere NSL Program Delivery mode to a First Nations Bilingualism mode in a Language Immersion setting. In Language Immersion the First Nations communities are coming to realize the potential and value of the intellect, wisdom and genius of their original First Nations Civilizations in Ontario.

First Nations are actively articulating the value and the fact that all sectors, partners and levels of governments are celebrating First Nations Bilingualism in the 21st century.

Contact Information

For Inquiries please contact Stephanie Pile, Language Coordinator
Phone: (519) 759-2650


Please note that due to renovations the Language Resource Centre is currently closed for Public Access.


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