Janet Marie Rogers Biography

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She is renowned for her strong expression inspired by her many travels, experiences, relationship and Haudenosaunee perspective. She is a radio broadcaster, documentary producer and media artist. Her writings include poetry, short fiction, science fiction, play writing, spoken word performance poetry and video poetry. She has been nominated for Best Spoken Word Recording at the… Read more »

Book Review: Matrilineal Bundle from the Woodland Cultural Centre Library

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    Matrilineal Bundle   Godi’nigoha’ (The Women’s Mind) The exhibition Godi’nigoha’ – The Women’s Mind was composed of pieces from contemporary Iroquoian women artists, Patricia Deadman, Kelly Greene, Shelley Niro, and Jolene Rickard. It is “an examination of an Iroquois women’s perspective on the land and landscape”. The catalogue has photos of the photographs,… Read more »

Wadrihwa November 2020 Edition now available Digitally

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Wadrihwa November 2020 Edition now available Digitally   For everyone that is already subscribed to our E-Newsletter, check your email this afternoon for the new Wadrihwa. The Wadrihwa was first published by the Woodland Cultural Centre in 1985 and remained a treasured resource for Indigenous culture, art and history for all of the surrounding communities…. Read more »