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Matrilineal Bundle


Godi’nigoha’ (The Women’s Mind)

The exhibition Godi’nigoha’ – The Women’s Mind was composed of pieces from contemporary Iroquoian women artists, Patricia Deadman, Kelly Greene, Shelley Niro, and Jolene Rickard. It is “an examination of an Iroquois women’s perspective on the land and landscape”. The catalogue has photos of the photographs, paintings, and installments that make up the exhibit. A one-day interdisciplinary symposium was held to further explore related questions around Iroquoian women’s traditional relationship to land. The catalogue also includes a small written by Dr. Deborah Doxtator exploring Iroquois women and their connection to the land pre and post contact.



Patches was an exhibition that ran from January 28 to March 6, 1983 showcasing the art of quilt making on the Six Nations and New Credit Reserves. The exhibit included quilts dating from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. The exhibit catalogue has photos of many beautiful quilts, some of which are apart of the Woodland Cultural Centre’s permanent collection. The catalogue also has a brief history of quilting coming to the Six Nations and New Credit reserves.


Keepers of Our Culture

Keepers of Our Culture was an exhibit to celebrate native women in the living arts held at the Woodland Cultural Centre. The catalogue showcases some of the various forms of art created by native women with photos of pottery, paintings, sculptures, and masks. Biographies of all the Keepers of Our Culture artists are listed. The catalogue includes the Quills and Quilts segment of the exhibition held at the Glenhyrst Arts Centre.



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