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Posted 12/09/17

The WCC Library has brought its technology forward with the introduction of security gates, a microfilm reader/digitizer, an E-Scan scanner, networked computers and a server thanks to a generous grant from the Six Nations Community Development Trust Fund.

The WCC library has been collecting material since 1972.  Much of the material is out of print and rare.  Having a security system is a must when planning to increase awareness and usage of the library’s resources.

The E-Scan scanner allows you to copy material on a USB memory stick.  No need to bring your own laptop and portable scanner to scan materials digitally.  This is an environmentally friendly alternative to photocopying which relies on paper printouts.  The cradle style platform allows you to copy from thick books without damaging the book.  The program allows for OCR scanning, colour or black and white, and will also copy 3D objects.

The E-Scan will be used to digitize archival material in the collection and make it accessible to library users without damaging the original materials.  No need to go hunting through hundreds of boxes and files, the material will be accessible on the local network.

With over 350 microfilms in the WCC collection as well as a large collection of microfiche, a Microfilm reader/digitizer was badly needed.  The only really secure technology for preserving records is still microfilm.  Microfilm will last 500 years whereas computer technology changes constantly.  Digital images are not permanent and the technology is constantly changing.  Storage is an issue as literature expands each year.  However microfilm can also be digitized for easier access.

With the new Canon 800II scanner you can view microfilm and microfiche directly, view it on your computer, switch from negative images to positive, and copy it to a USB memory stick or print out a hard copy.  What could be easier.

Introducing these three new items required updating the existing computers and introducing more sophisticated software and backup systems.  Unexpected expenses included modifying the electrical system and we will be adding barriers for the security gates.

The library collections are available online at    With more and more material available online only, it is important to copy and store it before it disappears.  Many of our CDs will soon be available on our network as well.

We look forward to students and researchers visiting our library for resources on current topics like the War of 1812 and Residential Schools.  See you soon.

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