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Commemorating Reg Henry – Revered Knowledge Keeper

As part of Woodland Cultural Centre’s 50th Anniversary this year, we want to commemorate Reg Henry who was a highly revered knowledge keeper, cultural advisor, linguist, invaluable teacher, and kind friend to all who knew him.

Reg was Woodland’s main source in the development of curriculum resource material in Cayuga and was our editor for Cayuga material (Wadrihwa, 1993). He paved the way for the language and cultural revitalization movement in Six Nations by establishing the Gayogo̱hó:nǫʔ (Cayuga) writing system.

Some of his major written contributions include the Wadewayestanih: A Cayuga Teaching Grammar Textbook, Cayuga Thematic Dictionary, and Concerning the League.

Reg dedicated his life to sharing what he knew with those he crossed paths with and had the foresight to develop language resources for future generations.

The December 1993 Wadrihwa Newsletter written by the Woodland Cultural Centre highlights Reg’s biography, many of his contributions, conversations with him, and stories of remembrance. Our community is wholeheartedly grateful for the person he was and the legacy he left behind for us to carry on.

Download a copy of the Wadrihwa Newsletter by clicking the button below.

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