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Woodland Cultural Centre serves to preserve and promote Indigenous history, art, language and culture. We welcome you to visit and learn with us as we bring the story of the Haudenosaunee people of the Eastern Woodlands to life through innovative exhibitions and programs.


As a non-profit organization our programming depends on the support of the community.

The Woodland Cultural Centre was established in October 1972 under the direction of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians upon the closure of the Mohawk Institute Residential School. The Centre originally began its focus on collecting research and artifacts to develop its library and museum collections. By 1975, the Centre’s Director Glen Crane found it necessary to include the arts in to the Centre’s yearly programming thus developing Indian Art, an annual juried art exhibition the Centre still holds to this day albeit the title has been changed to First Nations Art.

Over the years, the programming and support communities have changed in large part due to the social-political climate of the times. Originally there were approximately 9 member communities and currently we have 3 member communities. This is in response in large part to the geographic distances and the need from some of the communities to develop their own cultural centre to ensure the survival of their distinctive languages. A driving force behind the changes to the Centre’s programming during the 1980s and 1990s was Tom Hill as the Museum Director.

Today, the artistic staff is responding to the needs and diversity of our Indigenous artists. Many of today’s artists are studying art at a post-secondary institution and being exposed to the mainstream art community, thus influencing the medium(s) in which they work.

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Make a donation to Woodland Cultural Centre, and help us continue to deliver Indigenous performances, arts, and education to all.


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