Published On: March 27, 2023Categories: News

The Department of Canadian Heritage wants to know what Canadians think.  While we continue to consult with heritage stakeholders, we also want to capture Canadians’ views and expectations on current and emerging priorities in the heritage sector through an online survey.

We are happy to announce that the Canadian Museum Policy: Public Consultation Survey is now accessible via the museum policy website. Click here to take the survey and have your say!

Canadians enjoy visiting museums. Almost seven in ten Canadians (69%) visited at least one heritage institution in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Heritage institutions, including museums, art galleries, historic sites, archives, botanical gardens and zoos, can be found in communities large and small across the country.

The Government of Canada last updated the Canadian Museum Policy in 1990. Since then, Canada’s society has changed, and new priorities have emerged. The 1990 Policy does not take into consideration these new priorities, such as reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, addressing issues of equity, diversity and inclusion, or the ongoing digital transformation. The 1990 Policy also does not address the different needs of small, medium and large institutions and the different roles each may fulfil within their communities.

The purpose of these consultations is to gather views on issues of importance to Canadians, Indigenous partners and the heritage sector. Responses will help build a federal vision for the museum sector, which will be used to adapt or improve existing federal measures to ensure that our cultural heritage is protected, and that heritage institutions continue to be a place where Canadians can learn for generations to come.

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