Institutional Borrowing

Loan Request

Loan requests should be submitted to the Executive Director, in writing and on company letterhead, and include the following information: exhibition title and dates, exhibition description, associated publications, additional venue locations and dates if applicable, artwork and/or artifact information (artist, title, date, media, etc.), and staff contact information. The request must come from the Director of the borrowing institution.

The Woodland Cultural Centre does not loan to individuals.

Advance Notice

Borrowing institutions are advised to submit loan requests well in advance of the exhibition opening date. The minimum request time for each loan is: 

1–10 works: 12 months (prior to the onset of the loan period)
10+ works: 18 months (prior to the onset of the loan period)

Loan Fee

At this time the Centre does not have a loan fee schedule.

Unity Stomp Dance Song hand written and signed by Robbie Robertson

2008.10.8 Lyrics, paper, Unity Stomp Dance Song hand written and signed by Robbie Robertson, Artifact Collection of the Woodland Cultural Centre

Shipping, Crating, Courier And Extraordinary Expenses

All arrangements for the shipping of WOODLAND CULTURAL CENTRE items to and from the borrower must be approved, in advance, by the WOODLAND CULTURAL CENTRE. All costs related to transportation, customs brokerage, security escorts, crating, courier and any other extraordinary expenses are the borrower’s responsibility.


The borrower must provide proof of insurance against all risk, showing the value of the items borrowed and naming WOODLAND CULTURAL CENTRE as the owner.

Facility Report

Museums submitting loan requests must provide WOODLAND CULTURAL CENTRE with a copy of their current Facility Report. The borrower will also provide copies of lux, humidity and temperature readings taken from the galleries in which the item(s) are to be exhibited. Readings in graph form only will be accepted. The graphs should reflect a period similar to that being requested for loan. For touring loans, the institution making the request is responsible for providing WOODLAND CULTURAL CENTRE with Facility Reports and lux, humidity and temperature graphs for all subsequent venues.

Loan Agreement

It is standard policy for WOODLAND CULTURAL CENTRE to issue its own Outgoing Loan Agreement. Once the loan has been approved the loan agreement will be sent out; the agreement must be completed, signed, and returned to WOODLAND CULTURAL CENTRE before work on the loan can begin.

Contact Information

Phone: 519-759-2650 ext. 223
Collections Registrar: Tara Froman

Phone: 519-759-2650 ext. 255
Curator: Patricia Deadman