Published On: November 8, 2021Categories: Language, News, Online Activities

LOGO CONTEST Vote for the Dwadwenaga:dat Language Centre offers a $300 Prize

These are the final four submissions from community members for the new logo for the Dwadwenaga:dat Language Centre. (pronounced Dwad-wen-ah-ga-dot) which roughly translates to “Let’s Interpret” or more specifically “let us all interpret/orally translate between two languages”. 

Our team feels this new name is very fitting for the world we live in today as Onkwehonwe, in our attempts to preserve and maintain languages and ceremonies for each of our languages in today’s modern times. We believe that each of our Onkwehonweneha (Our ways/our language) is just as important as the next. 


A $250 grand prize will be given to the winner! 


Leave a comment on our Social Media Post to cast your vote.


For questions about how to support the Dwadwenaga:dat Language Centre please contact

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