Published On: February 7, 2023Categories: Language, News

Sharing some LOVE from the Dwadwęnaga:da:t Language Department! One of our principal values as Hodinohsǫ:nih is Awęna̱ho’dę: which means to use soft kind words. Expressing kindness is essential to our well-being and the well-being of others. Even the smallest amount of language use everyday can create a positive ripple effect. 

Gonǫhkwa’ – I love you 

Ęse:gwe:ni’ – You will succeed/ You can do it

Sakwayęnde’ǫh – You’re a good cook

Sǫgwe’di:yo: – You’re a good person

Dasgye:na: – Hug me 

Ęgoja:gǫ’ – I encourage you

Ęsadǫtga:dǫ’  – You will have fun/Enjoy yourself

Dasgadwęnǫ:da: – Call me

Ęgokǫnyę’  –  I will cook for you

For more information about the Dwadwęnaga:da:t Language Department, please click here. We need your support to fulfill our vision of strengthening, revitalizing, and maintaining First Nations Languages, locally, regionally, and nationally. The Language Department has actively worked for over 35 years with language speakers, learners, Knowledge Keepers, and teachers to produce community resources in our languages.

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