Information On Appraisals

As a cultural organization with a Class “A” museum standing, the Woodland Cultural Centre is dedicated to upholding the most rigorous of professional museum standards. Offering financial appraisals/values on items from the general public would not be ethical according to both national and international museum standards. Accordingly, the Woodland Cultural Centre does not offer appraisals for the general public.

For the patrons of the Centre hoping to have a piece of art, an antique item, or artifact appraised, there are websites that can aid in finding a certified appraiser. The Art Dealers Association of Canada (ADAC) provides information on art appraisers across Canada; while the Canadian Antique Dealers Association (CADA) aids with locating an appraiser for antique objects. Additionally, there is Antiquarian Booksellers Association Canada (ABAC) for anyone interested in book appraisals. Their websites are:


Please be aware that archaeological items (i.e., arrowheads, pottery, bones, etc.) are protected by the laws of Canada and cannot be offered for sale. The “value” of an archaeological piece lies in the context in which it is found, thus Canada maintains strict regulations on archaeological materials, archaeological sites, and archaeologists. It is against the law in Canada to sell an archaeological find.

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