A guide to requesting a photo/image

  • The Woodland Cultural Centre reserves the right to prohibit the use of visual support materials – photographs, slides, negatives, transparencies, design materials, digital images, etc. – in any request of project.
  • The Woodland Cultural Centre reserves the right to impose such conditions as it may deem advisable in the best interest of the Centre and its collections.
  • Without the express written permission of the Woodland Cultural Centre, the visual materials supplied cannot be used to show or imply that the Woodland Cultural Centre endorses any commercial product or enterprise, concurs with the opinions expressed in or confirms the accuracy of any text used with these visuals.
  • If copyright is held outside of the Woodland Cultural Centre, it is the borrower’s responsibility to obtain any necessary releases. In the case of images of artworks owned by the Centre, the borrower is responsible for obtaining the permission of the artist to reproduce their work; and paying any fees assessed by the artist (in addition to the administrative fee of the Centre).
  • At the discretion of the Woodland Cultural Centre, all ownership credits or acknowledgements verbally, in the credit role, or at the picture’s edge will be adhered to. Unless otherwise specified, credit Woodland Cultural Centre.
  • All purchased prints and slides may be retained in the user’s files, however, subsequent use of these photographs in any other manner than the original terms is restricted and requires additional permission/authorization, and administrative fees.
  • As part of the agreement to grant production rights, the Woodland Cultural Centre requires that, immediately after publication, two (2) copies of the publication or project be furnished at no cost, for use in our divisional and library files. Two (2) copies of any subsequent editions/versions, or translated publications will also need to be submitted, at no cost to the Centre.
  • The reproduction shall not be bled off the page or cropped in any way. If a detail is used, it shall be identified as such.
  • Nothing shall be superimposed on the reproduction or moving images of the Woodland Cultural Centre, without the permission of the Woodland Cultural Centre.
  • Reproductions shall not be lent to or used by another party besides the one stated in the agreement.
  • The right to make reproductions and to publish and sell the same is not exclusive, and the Woodland Cultural Centre may grant similar rights to others or may make reproductions itself of photographic resources which are the Woodland Cultural Centre’s property.
  • All orders will be emailed as digital copies unless otherwise specified. If use of a commercial courier service is preferred the Woodland Cultural Centre will ship collect, using the borrower’s courier account number.
  • The reproduction of culturally sensitive items is restricted in accordance with our collections policy.
  • Electronic/on-line reproductions of images owned by the Woodland Cultural Centre must be copy protected, no bigger than 72 dpi; and the longest side of the image should be no more than 550 pixels.
  • The terms of this agreement shall be for no more than 10 years in duration for electronic reproductions (i.e., websites). After 10 years the agreement must be renewed and appropriate administrative fees submitted. Permission to re-use an image is not guaranteed.
Six Nations Community Hall in 1960s

Photograph, Six Nations Community Hall, c. 1960s, Archival Collection of the Woodland Cultural Centre

If you are interested in accessing an image belonging to the Woodland Cultural for use in a publication, website, video, etc., please complete and submit the photo/image request form. Once the form is received the Collections staff will contact you via email with further information.

Please note that there are applicable administrative fees applied for all image requests. Unfortunately the archival photographic collection of the Woodland Cultural Centre is not fully digitized or available on-line, so these fees are applied to the staff time and resources it takes to locate and digitize images. Fees are subject to change.


THE WOODLAND CULTURAL CENTRE DOES NOT OWN COPYRIGHT ON MOST ARCHIVAL IMAGES OF THE MOHAWK INSTITUTE INDIAN RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL. Inquiries for these images should be directed to the copyright holders, the Brant County Museum and Archives, or Library and Archives Canada.

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