This book is the catalogue companion to an exhibition which celebrated the works of Ann Pineault. Originally published by the Woodland Cultural Centre in collaboration with Brock University, this exhibition from 1994 highlighted Pineault’s curatorial vision. The exhibited works examined the world through Indigenous perspectives through the position of the artists’ interactions with “dominant” culture. The selected eight artists explore history, culture, and memory.

The unique experience of having the works mounted in two culturally distant locations – the art galleries of Brock University and Woodland Cultural Centre – allowed Pineault space to examine how works are perceived by different venues. Although the exhibition itself has long passed, this catalogue is another extension of Pineault’s aim, continuing the exploration through with juxtaposititon of text and essays.

Artists featured include Patricia Deadman, Daniel David Moses, Tom Hill, Carl Beam, Teresa Marshall, Vernan Pardeahtan, William (Bill) Powless and Edward Poitras. Features black and white photographs of selected pieces.

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