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Honouring Indigenous Aid pays tribute to the Hodinohsho:ni Six Nations of the Grand River and Mississaugas of the Credit (Anishinaabe) who contributed to Irish Famine relief in 1847 when they faced considerable hardship, broken treaty relations, and forced relocation.

The purpose of this in-person and online event is to express gratitude to First Nations for their generosity on behalf of Irish-Canadians and the people of Ireland. Professor Susan Hill (Six Nations of the Grand River & University of Toronto), Darin Wybenga (Traditional Knowledge and Land Use Coordinator, Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation), and Professor Mark McGowan (University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto) will reflect on the historical experiences of Indigenous peoples in the tumultuous year of 1847 and their compassion for famine-stricken Ireland.

Join us Sunday April 7 at 2pm at the Woodland Cultural Centre or virtually over zoom for this discussion.


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