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You are cordially invited to attend a free virtual lecture on January 17th at 12:00PM “Digital Access and Indigenous Histories: Supporting Self-Determination and Historical Research in the Community.”

In October 2024, we will be launching an exhibit which will seek to better understand the pressures and priorities in Six Nations of the Grand River that led to the establishment of an elected band council in 1924. The exhibit, curated by WCC guest curator Heather George, connects archival records, oral histories, Indigenous languages, and the perspectives of youth to contextualize historical and contemporary debates about who represents the community and what governance should look like in the future.

The McMaster University Library’s Division of Archives and Research Collections houses important clues to understanding this time at Six Nations in the papers of A.G. Chisholm, a lawyer who served the community for about 40 years, first working for the Confederacy and later the Band Council.

Heather George and McMaster University archivist Gillian Dunks will present. The lecture is hosted by McMaster University Library’s Archives alive program in partnership with Woodland Cultural Centre and McMaster University Alumni.


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