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A Kaha:wi Dance Theatre Production Presented by National Arts Centre English Theatre’s Grand Acts of Theatre


Continuance is the state of remaining in existence.

Continuance as a Grand Act is an embodiment of resilience. A celebration of Indigenous continuance the drive-in theatre shines a light, 3D mapping on the dark oppressiveness of the Mohawk Institute Residential School.
With an immersive interplay with live intergenerational Haudenosaunee performers, the new media incorporates ancient-future imagery illuminating that the 142 year history of the school did not destroy cultural perpetuity. Disintegrating the facade of the school into images portraying cultural strength, beauty and iconic Haudenosaunee imagery. Coded within our iconographies are meaningful ways to live in the world with balanced harmony.
The exact time and location of this event are to be confirmed.
A limited number of tickets are available due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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