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Digital Strategic Plan for the Woodland Cultural Centre

Location: Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford ON

Application Deadline Extension: October 30, 2020 at 4 PM



The Woodland Cultural Centre is a First Nations educational and cultural centre. It was established in 1972 to protect, promote, interpret, and present the history, language, intellect and cultural heritage of the Anishinaabe and Ongwehon:weh. This mandate is from our member Nations; Wahta Mohawks, Six Nations of the Grand River, and the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.


Further, the Mohawk Institute Residential School, as part of the Woodland Cultural Centre, is one of only a handful of Residential Schools left still standing in Canada. Through the Save the Evidence fundraising campaign, the impact of this site will service the professional arts and cultural heritage sector, along with the 15,000 visitors the site sees each year.


With this major site transformation, it is time to look at how our strategic partnerships with our local tourism sector and support communities can help define the Woodland Cultural Centre’s digital strategic plan.  This plan will outline how artists and the public engage through digital platforms; audience development through digital initiatives; create shared digital spaces and respect for Indigenous cultural protocols through a five-year lens.


Our intention is to draft a Five-Year Digital Strategic Plan which clearly maps a path into the future for the major digital assets of the Centre.


Objectives of the Consultancy:


The objective of this consultancy is to manage the process of creating an effective digital strategic plan to guide the priorities of the Woodland Cultural Centre.


Tasks and Duties of the Consultant:


Under the guidance of the Executive Director:


  1. Complete a needs assessment of the current digital assets at the Woodland Cultural Centre.
  2. Through an exercise of soliciting input from stakeholders including through individual interviews, leading focus groups, and facilitating a SWOT analysis, identifying priorities, gaps, needs, and actions for the Woodland Cultural Centre to meet its mission, mandate and goals.
  3. Prepare a strategy based on the information collected, including:
    1.  the creation of a digital policy that respects Indigenous cultural protocols
    2. identify ways to improve content through targeted user-based initiatives
    3. enhancing e-commerce abilities through existing website and POS
    4. determine how artists and public can engage through digital platforms
    5. outline audience development through digital initiatives
    6. identify better management of mobile and cloud applications
    7. establish security controls
    8.  specific approaches, indicators, and evaluation.


  1. Present the draft strategy in a board meeting to solicit input and feedback to improve the strategy, including key strategic objectives, and high-level indicators for success.
  2. Based on the input and consultation from this meeting, prepare a revised and final copy of the 5 Year Strategic Plan, including financial projections for 2020-2025.


The consultancy work will include the following specific tasks:


  • Consulting meetings with Executive Director, Board of Directors, and Staff
  • Hold SWOT meetings with appointed committees
  • Hold consultation sessions with support communities
  • Organization of the consultation workshop with board members
  • Organization of the final validation meeting and endorsement of the final strategic plan
  • Review, discuss and complete the final report ready for approval and distribution.


Tangible and Measurable Deliverables of the Work Assignment:


Performing the above-mentioned activities, the consultant will be responsible for the delivery of the following outputs. The consultant must provide a digital copy for all reports to be presented to the Board.

  • Formalize a work plan for the work to be undertaken, including timelines
  • Interim report presented to the Board summarizing:
    • The results and status of the work accomplished to date, and the problem areas that need to be addressed.
    • A detailed summary of the process through which the goals were organized into short- and long-term goals, how the goals were prioritized, and a 5-year draft action plan.
    • Identifies human and financial resources to carry out the plan.
    • Updated timeline and work plan for remainder of the contract
  • Final Report of the 5-year Strategic Plan agreed upon in the final validation meeting.


Supervision of the work:


The consultant will work under the direct and overall supervision of the Executive Director.

Roles & Responsibilities


The WCC Board is responsible to:

  • Approve and award the contract
  • Be available to meet with the facilitator/consultant
  • Review and discuss and as necessary direct revisions to the draft Report(s)
  • Signify approval of the Final Report via a Board Motion

Proposal Structure


The applicants shall provide a digital copy of their proposal that shall include the following details:

  • Background and experience in working with First Nations communities/organizations in the area of Digital Strategic Planning
  • Client References including contact information.
  • Project Methodology (include detailed work plan).
  • Proposed Report Framework (components).
  • Proposed Timeframe for Project (express in terms of consecutive weeks required from the time the contract is awarded).
  • Total Project Cost (including detailed outline of fees and disbursements as per work plan (e.g. be sure to include proposed number and type of meetings and cost per meetings)
  • Proposed payment schedule (The consultant shall not be paid more than 90% of the agreed fees and disbursements until the Final Report has been reviewed and approved by the Board.)

Proposal Selection:


The WCC Board may award a contract based on the criteria laid out below:

  • Experience with First Nations and satisfactory performance on similar projects
  • Proposed Schedule for Project
  • Project Methodology
  • Schedule of Fees and Total Estimated Project Cost
  • Presentation
  • References
  • Priority will be given to applicants of Indigenous heritage


Consultancy Requirements:


  • Minimum of 5-10 years of experience working with First Nation communities/organizations in the areas of digital strategic planning.
  • Experience of working with non-profit and charitable organizations
  • Proven excellent communication and facilitation skills
  • Highly motivated and committed to the values of transparency and integrity

Copyright and Project Documents:


The information, both written and intellectual, produced in this project is considered to be the property of the WCC, and the Consultant shall not use any documents or information that result from this project without the written permission of the WCC. Further the Consultant shall treat all information that results from this study, both written and verbal, in strict confidence.

Privilege Clauses:


The WCC may at its sole discretion, reject or retain for its consideration proposals which are non-conforming because they do not contain the content or form required.


Notwithstanding any other provision in the Request for Proposals or practice or custom in the industry, the WCC Board shall have the right to:

  • Accept any Proposal
  • Reject any Proposal
  • Reject all Proposals
  • Accept a Proposal which is not the lowest bid


Any person who submits a Proposal shall be deemed to have agreed to the restrictions in the Request for Proposal documents, including the privilege clauses.




Interested candidates should send their complete proposal with CV and three references
by October 13, 2020 at 4 PM to:


Executive Director

Woodland Cultural Centre

184 Mohawk Street

Brantford, ON N3S 2X2


(519) 759-2650


Download Terms of Reference Here

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