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Get ready for Grand Acts of Theatre!

Marking This Moment! The National Arts Centre (NAC) has engaged 11 companies from across Canada to create large-scale performances this Fall. Each show will be performed outdoors for live audiences all over Canada – and they’ll be filmed so we can watch them all online too!

Creative Producer, Director, Performer
Santee Smith


Continuance is the state of remaining in existence.

Continuance as a Grand Act is an embodiment of resilience. A celebration of Indigenous continuance the drive-in theatre shines light, 3D mapping on the dark oppressiveness of the Mohawk Institute Residential School.

With an immersive interplay with live intergenerational Haudenosaunee performers, the new media incorporates ancient-future imagery illuminating that the 142 year history of the school did not destroy cultural perpetuity. Disintegrating the facade of the school into images portraying cultural strength, beauty and iconic Haudenosaunee imagery. Coded within our iconographies are meaningful ways to live in the world with balanced harmony.

The performance is scheduled for Oct 3, 2020 at 9:00pm and Kaha:wi Dance Theatre will be on site to share this experience with all of us.

This is a free event, with limited tickets due to COVID-19 restrictions. All performances will be recorded and shared for those that are unable to attend the live performance.

Read more about Grand Acts of Theatre and see the other performance events


Register your Free Ticket Below (limit of 2 per person) More Details to follow.

8:30PM Performance - Continuance: Admission (1)


PLEASE READ full description below. By registering a ticket you agree to the terms and instructions. Please contact…

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CONTINUANCE: Yonkwa’nikonhrakontáhkwen / Our Consciousness Continues Unchanged

a Kaha:wi Dance Theatre Production

Presented by National Arts Centre English Theatre’s Grand Acts of Theatre

Marking this Moment

This email is the ticket and will be used for admission to the event.

*Please arrive on time. Late arrivals will not be admitted to the grounds for performance.*


PLEASE READ full description below. By registering a ticket you agree to the terms and instructions. Please contact staff if you cannot make it as we have a waiting list.



Premiere Performance

7:45PM Doors Open

8:15PM Opening Remarks

8:30PM Premiere – Performance

8:45PM Departure

Performance Two:

9:00PM Doors Open

9:30PM Performance

9:45PM Departure

Performance Three:

10:00PM Doors Open

10:30PM Performance

10:45PM Departure


This is a Live Event on site at Woodland Cultural Centre

184 Mohawk Street, Brantford, ON


This event will be photographed and recorded.  By attending the event, individuals are deemed to consent to the recording of their image and use of their image in connection with recordings and photographs of the event, which may be published.  All video recordings and images of the event captured by the organizers shall be the sole property of organizers and all rights of personality, publicity, privacy, or other rights of participants in recordings or photographs shall be deemed to have been waived.


Please note that due to restrictions pertaining to Covid 19 the Woodland Cultural Centre building will be closed to the public and there will be no public bathrooms available. As well we ask everyone to stay within the boundaries of their assigned space on the grounds of the Woodland Cultural Centre. (Insert any other needed safety specifics)

As the performing arts sector continues to face unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Arts Centre has responded with Grand Acts of Theatre, an initiative to bring Canadian artists and audiences together. Eleven of Canada’s most innovative theatre companies have been engaged to create and perform large-scale, new works in response to these times, which will be performed outdoors in front of live audiences in various Canadian locations, filmed, and later shared online. For more information on Grand Acts of Theatre and the companies involved please visit (please use UTM hyperlink provided)

The National Arts Centre Foundation wishes to thank RBC Foundation as Presenting Partner of Grand Acts of Theatre.

Grand Acts of Theatre is also made possible thanks to the support from The Jenepher Hooper Fund for Theatre at the National Arts Centre Foundation, established as a result of a generous gift from the estate of Jenepher Margaret Hooper.


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