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Are you looking to begin your Cayuga language learning journey? The Dwadwęnagá:da:t Language Centre are excited to announce the release of our new Ǫ:gweh Goga:’ Cayuga Language Children’s Book Series and Colouring Book Series.

This release includes four new book series, totaling 56 new books, so there’s something for everyone!

Circle Book series contains 16 different books from the Kindergarten Circle Book Program, an integrated ESL language arts program for youth in the North. 

The Colouring Book series contains 10 pattern books in the Cayuga language. The illustrations for the books in this series were done by indigenous artists from across Turtle Island. 

The Tyendinaga Dwaga:doha series of 10 books were created from a series of community story writing workshops held in Tyendinega. The stories originate from community members in the Tyendinega Mohawk Territory. They were translated into Mohawk by TTO and then both English and Mohawk versions were given to Woodland Cultural Centre to translate into Cayuga.

And lastly, O:gweh goga:’ is a series of 10 books which have been updated from our first edition. Edits have been done in the original text/spelling as well as digital image enhancements. This set contains intermediate level language, some of the pages are an entire paragraph in length.

All four book series are now available for purchase in our gift shop and our online store! Visit our online store to explore today! 

Interested in ordering full series for your classroom or organization?

Collect all 4 sets for your language resource library. On-reserve schools can receive a 10% discount for purchasing an entire series of books. Download our order form here:

When you purchase you help support our Language Centre which is dedicated to strengthening, revitalizing, and maintaining First Nations Languages, locally, regionally, and nationally. The Language Department has been instrumental in a massive effort to revitalze languages at all levels in the community, including immersion schools.

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