7 Responses to ““A Dark Legacy: A Primer on Residential Schools in Canada” Now In Stock”

    • Anonymous

      Hi Rick. This is Bud Whiteye. Were you able to get a copy of Dark Legacy? I’m going up to the Woodland Cultural Center (the site of the Mohawk Institute residential school for indigenous children) to restock their supply of Dark Legacy. I hope they answered your inquiry. I apologize if they had not.
      You may text me at 226.932.6562 or message me at budwhiteye@yahoo.com.
      Thank you for your request.
      Bud Whiteye.

  1. Chris Martin

    I would love to know how to obtain a copy of this publication. Very hard to find!

    • Bud Whiteye

      Hi Chris. I’m restocking the Woodland Centre on Monday with copies of the book. You may reach me at budwhiteye@yahoo.com.
      Thanks for the inquiry,
      Bud Whiteye, the author of Dark Legacy. VO


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