Save the Evidence

Fundraising for the Save the Evidence Campaign is now complete!

We are thrilled to announce that the funds for the final phase of the Save the Evidence campaign have been successfully raised. Nya:węh Go:wah to all our incredible supporters; we couldn’t have done this without you.


Save the Evidence was a campaign to raise awareness and support for the restoration of the former Mohawk Institute Residential School, and to develop the building into an Interpreted Historic Site and Educational Resource. As a site of conscience, the final goal is to create a fully realized Interpretive Centre that will be the definitive destination for information about the history of Residential Schools in Canada, the experiences of Survivors of the schools, and the impact that the Residential School system has had on our communities.

We can’t express how grateful we are for our community of supporters. We can’t wait to celebrate with you when the final restorations are complete! 


A Brief History of the Mohawk Institute

The Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School operated in Brantford, Ontario from 1828 to 1970. It served as a boarding school for First Nations children from Six Nations, as well as other communities throughout Ontario and Quebec. It served as a key tool in the effort to assimilate First Nations children into European Christian society, and sever the continuity of culture from parent to child.

After closing in 1970, it reopened in 1972 as the Woodland Cultural Centre, a non-profit organization that serves to preserve and promote First Nations culture and heritage.


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The final Save the Evidence e-newsletter is out now! 


This short and powerful video gives some perspective on why this project is so important for future generations.


Mohawk Institute Residential School Survivor Stories: Sherlene Bomberry

Share this clip of Sherlene Bomberry, a past student of the Mohawk Institute Residential School.


Before and After Slideshow:


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If you have any questions about Save the Evidence or the completion of the campaign, contact our Development Coordinator, Trisha Kelley at or at 519-759-2650 ext 232.


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