Current/Upcoming Exhibits


University of Waterloo Knowledge Integration Students

Aug 26 – Nov 21


The Woodland Cultural Centre is excited to bring in Mashkawizii: Paint it Orange; Resilience in the Face of Trauma. This exhibit was designed as a shared learning space by Knowledge Integration students at the University of Waterloo. This exhibit aims to change the predominantly negative narrative surrounding Indigenous people, and to demonstrate the resilience displayed by these communities in the face of the intergenerational trauma caused by the Canadian residential school system..

This exhibit was created by Ben Ang, Findley Dunn, Ted Haag, Claire Quong, & Stephanie Ye-Moe.

The exhibit will be open during our Survivors Gathering on Sept 29th and we are encouraging everyone to walk through to get a full perspective of the life as a child in a Residential School.



People of the Dancing Sky

Myron Zabol

Aug 26 – Nov 21st


Myron Zabol’s fine art photography focuses on the spirituality of people and places. His photography is breath taking and creates a powerful emotional response to most that witness it.

People of the Dancing Sky documents the Haudenosaunee Confederacy with its individual and unique traditions rooted in nature and time immemorial. The harmony between the Haudenosaunee People and their natural environment are depicted in their traditional clothing, symbols, and activities.

People of the Dancing Sky is a rare personal insight into the exclusive collaboration between photographer Myron Zabol and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.


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