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Gichitwaawizi’igewin: Honouring

Catherine Dallaire

May 26 – July 27, 2018

Catherine is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose work possesses unique form and energy, balancing elements and teachings from traditional Woodland art/Anishinaabe art/culture with contemporary techniques and subjects. With many works reflecting postcolonial messages, each piece aims to create synergy and harmony between these different stylings as a visual effort to build and maintain a balanced and peaceful relationship between her Anishinaabe and European ancestry. Many of her works strive to call to attention the importance of our connection to everything in nature, and respect towards it and all our relatives, particularly animals, plants and insects that are overlooked or whose importance and teachings have been altered by colonial attitudes and viewpoints.

Image: Turkey Vulture is Honoured, by artist Catherine Dallaire


Indigenous Art 2018

May 26 – July 27, 2018

Established in 1975, Indigenous Art, formally known as First Nations Art, is one of the longest running annual exhibits that provides a space for established and emerging Indigenous artists to exhibit their work in a gallery setting. This open call and juried show brings together artists from across Turtle Island, showcasing traditionally-based and contemporary art form in all visual art mediums.

We are excited to present the following artists for this years exhibition!

Montana Adams, Aura, Michael Barber, Catherine Beaver, Chief Lady Bird, Jennifer E. Brant, Janice Brant, Donna Brinkworth, Jay Soule aka Chippewar, Chief Lady Bird, Sherry Crawford, Caitlin Daniel, Elizabeth Daniel, Suzanne Debassige, Deron Ahsén:nase Douglas, Elizabeth Doxtator, Janine Gates, Shel General, Odadrihonyanisoh (Sara General), Crystal Gloade, Kelly Greene, Doug Henhawk, Summer Hill, Brenda Hill, Cody Houle, Mary Jacobs, Samantha Jacobs, Alex Jacobs-Blum, Kaysha Jamieson, Keitha Keeshig-Tobias, Patrick Martin, Teresa Vander Mees-Chasse, Watio Tehawerénhton Miller, Penelope S. Minner, Brenda MItten, Shelley Niro, Joshua Pawis-Steckley, Holly Pichette, Ayana Proctator, Victoria Ransom, Judi Henhawk Sault, Laura Schwager, Quinn Smallboy, Kristen E. Summers, Andy Swamp, Teyewennarakwas, Todd Thomas, Debra Vincent, Nelson White, Samuel Williams, and Amanda Williams.


Image: Emily: A Portrait of a Bougie Rez Daughter, by artist Ahsén:nase