Virtual Spring Craft Fair Vendor, Deborah Aaron

Welcome to Woodland Cultural Centre’s First Virtual Spring Craft Fair!

Woodland Cultural Centre, Six Nations Tourism, Hamilton Halton Brant Regional Tourism Association, Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks, and Six Nations Arts & Crafts are hosting, selling, and promoting Indigenous crafts, art, and products during the Virtual Craft Fair.


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Meet Artisan Deborah Aaron, Owner Behind the Brand of Giizhigat

Deborah and Isaac initially began tapping their maple trees (about 25) on their current home on the Six Nations of the Grand River. Together with their 2 boys and Deborah’s Father, they would collect the sap and boil all day outside. Their family has fond memories of sharing stories, lots of laughter and meals cooked over the fire.

Deborah & Isaac are enjoying their new venture of making maple syrup on their farm on St. Joseph Island. When they purchased their farm, they had no intention of producing maple syrup; they just fell in love with the property! In the beginning there was no intention to produce maple syrup on a commercial scale, but Deborah & Isaac couldn’t help noticing the opportunity their farm presented. Fast forward to 2012 and Giizhigat Maple Products was born. The name Giizhigat (gee-jaa-gut) in Ojibwe translates to Day; Giizhigat is Isaac’s original family name prior to being translated to English by Government agents years ago. To date, Giizhigat Maple Products produces and sells maple syrup. They also sell maple butter, maple candies and maple sugar.

Although business is growing, it’s not all about profits and maple products. GMP also sells authentic handmade Indigenous crafts like the dreamcatchers Deborah’s Mom creates. The long-term vision of the company is to reinvest profits to build a teaching lodge (They already have a non-profit in place – Rainbow Thunder Star Mountain). A place where all are welcome to learn the Universal Star Lodge Teachings that Isaac has been gifted to carry, a place for all to learn how to reconnect with Mother Earth, and how to live in harmony through traditional knowledge. That is the vision regarding the legacy and success story of Giizhigat Maple Products.


Giizhigat – Items for Purchase


Maple Syrup Leaf Glass

100% Pure High-Quality Maple Syrup in 50 ml Fancy Glass Maple Leaf bottle.

Cost: $6.00










Maple Syrup Classic

100% Pure High-Quality Maple Syrup in 500 ml Glass Jug.

Cost: $17.00











Dreamcatcher 104: Red Willow 7.75″ x 9.5″

Cost: $40.00










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