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Resistance is Resilience

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A limited resource, this bundle of art exhibit catalogues seeks to highlight the ongoing discussion of such issues as self governance, resource extraction, internalized colonialism, and the ways in which we frame these discussions. The Deportment of Indian Affairs is the catalogue companion to an exhibit which focused on historical and political concerns. Borrowed Power, otherwise known as Two Decades, showcases the work of Joane Cardianl-Schubert and highlights the growth of spirit, identity, and questions of distinction in this exploration of the individual. The River of Blood Flows On is the catalogue companion to the same named exhibit, focusing on re-framing how the history of Columbus is discussed and highlighting the continuing effects of colonial disruption. Internal Recall is the catalogue companion to the same titled exhibit, curated by Ann Pineault and inspired by the works of Edward Poitras. Finally, Stories From the Shield connects the past into the present, centering the focus on extraction practices by highlighting the Uranium mines of Elliot Lake, and the lasting impacts this has on Serpent River.

  • The Deportment of Indian Affairs (1995)
  • Borrowed Power – Joane Cardinal-Schubert: Two Decades (1999)
  • The River of Blood Flows On (1992)
  • Internal Recall (1994)
  • Stories From the Shield (2003)

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