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Off the Canvas

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This collection focuses on exhibitions previously hosted at Woodland which celebrated cultural art beyond the canvas, including in pottery, carvings, music, and reflected within the natural world. Power of Place is the catalogue companion to an exhibit by Sam Thomas, focusing on beading techniques and highlighting how they have adapted over time, while always staying rooted in their cultural values. Images in Stone celebrates the local sculptor, Joseph “Joe” Jacobs, and this exhibit companion features part of Woodland’s permanent collection of his works. Iroquoian Pottery features the works of Steve Smith, highlighting the beauty and culture in Smith’s world renowned pottery. Finally, Sound of the Drum is the catalogue companion to an exhibit which celebrated the cultural importance and vitality of social music and dance.

  • Power of Place – Strength of Being (2010)
  • Images in Stone: The Art of Joe Jacobs (2005)
  • Iroquoian Pottery by Steve Smith
  • Sound of the Drum (1990)

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