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Matrilineal Bundle


Patches, Keepers of our Culture (1985), Godi’nigoha’ (The Women’s Mind) (1997)

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Haudenosaunee culture, like many others in the world, is one that follows matrilineal lines. This bundle highlights the continued importance of women, celebrating creation in its different forms. In Patches the quilts created by our grandmothers within the Six Nations community and in the Centre’s permanent collection are shown. In the appropriately named Keepers of our Culture, the catalogue companion to the popular exhibit and conference of the mid 80s, the contributions of Indegenous women throughout history are highlighted. Finally, in the catalogue companion to Godi’nigoha’ (The Women’s Mind), explores the role of Iroquois women and their relationship to the environment through art.

  • Patches
  • Keepers of our Culture (1985)
  • Godi’nigoha’ (The Women’s Mind) (1997)

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