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Indigenous Artistry in this Century

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The art styles of Indigenous Turtle Island are as diverse as the artists themselves, and this bundle seeks to highlight that reality. This bundle features exhibition companions and individual artist focused works dating back to the 1980s up until 2003. A Celebration of Contemporary Canadian Art is a an exhibition companion catalogue; an exhibit with the same name, this was held in California in the late 80s to uplift and expose the talented artists involved to a larger audience. Spoken Trees is a collection by Lauralee K. Harris, featuring roughly 60 of their signature paintings on wood and poetry. Visions of Power is the catalogue companion to an exhibit which focused on bringing together the shared experiences of social, political and colonial disruption experienced by “First Nations, Inuit and Japanese Canadians”. Finally, Lifeworld-Artscapes is an companion catalogue to an exhibit of the same name, pushing the boundaries of what is considered Indigenous art and highlighting the resilient and adaptive core of our diverse cultures.

  • A Celebration of Contemporary Canadian Native Art (1987)
  • Spoken Trees (1996-2003)
  • Visions of Power (1991)
  • Lifeworlds-Artscapes (2003)

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