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Skywalkers (1987), Council Fire (1989), Tsi’ Niyukwalihó:ta

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This thematic bundle is meant to underscore and further educate folks in some of the more immediately recognizable aspects of community: wampum, language, and the modern warrior. Skywalkers, featuring some of our now permanent museum exhibition pieces, presents the history of Ironworkers and situates the importance of this role within the historical context, helping to explain how and why our the Onkwehón:we are so dominant in the field. Council Fire, the catalogue companion to an exhibit most popular with our support communities, highlights the wampum which were repatriated to the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy in 1988, in addition to two essays; one focused on the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the other on The Council of Three Fires. Tsi’ Niyukwalihó:ta (Our Culture) is an older reference and education tool for Oneida (Onyota’ake) language and culture, reinforcing the reality that the two cannot be removed from one another.


  • Skywalkers (1987)
  • Council Fire (1989)
  • Tsi’ Niyukwalihó:ta (1985)

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