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Exhibition and Art Catalogues


You May Have Heard Of…- $22.00

This particular bundle contains catalogues from some of the more well established artists in Indigenous Artistry whose exhibits have been featured at Woodland in the past. NATIVity is the catalgoue companion to Alan Michelson’s exhibit of the same name hosted at the Centre in the early 2000s; recent visitors to Woodland will recognize Michelson’s name from the popular Historicity exhibit, which called Woodland home from late 2018 to early 2019. It Takes Time is the catalogue companion to Ron Noganosh’s exhibit of the same name, which utilized found items to focus on contemporary social  issues of territory, culture, self governance and language, among others, faced by Indigenous communities. This particular catalogue, and thus Noganosh, was the recipient of the Canadian Museum Association for Outstanding Achievement in 2001. Finally, Transitions is a catalogue which features artists whose exhibits have visited the Centre, and those who we can only hope to some day support, including but not limited to: Robert Houle, Shelley Niro, Johnny Pootoogook, Mattiusi Iyaituk, James Ungalaq and many more!

              • Alan Michelson’s “NATIVity” (2004)
              • Ron Noganosh’s “It Takes Time” (2000)
              • Transitions: Contemporary Canadian and Inuit Art (1997)


Resistance is Resilience – $25.00

A limited resource, this bundle of art exhibit catalogues seeks to highlight the ongoing discussion of such issues as self governance, resource extraction, internalized colonialism, and the ways in which we frame these discussions. The Deportment of Indian Affairs is the catalogue companion to an exhibit which focused on historical and political concerns. Borrowed Power, 

otherwise known as Two Decades, showcases the work of Joane Cardianl-Schubert and highlights the growth of spirit, identity, and questions of distinction in this exploration of the individual. The River of Blood Flows On is the catalogue companion to the same named exhibit, focusing on re-framing how the history of Columbus is discussed and highlighting the continuing effects of colonial disruption. Internal Recall is the catalogue companion to the same titled exhibit, curated by Ann Pineault and inspired by the works of Edward Poitras. Finally, Stories From the Shield connects the past into the present, centering the focus on extraction practices by highlighting the Uranium mines of Elliot Lake, and the lasting impacts this has on Serpent River.

  • The Deportment of Indian Affairs (1995)
  • Borrowed Power – Joane Cardinal-Schubert: Two Decades (1999)
  • The River of Blood Flows On (1992)
  • Internal Recall (1994)
  • Stories From the Shield (2003)




Off the Canvas Bundle – $20.00

This collection focuses on exhibitions previously hosted at Woodland which celebrated cultural art beyond the canvas, including in pottery, carvings, music, and reflected within the natural world. Power of Place is the catalogue companion to an exhibit by Sam Thomas, focusing on beading techniques and highlighting how they have adapted over time, while always staying rooted in their cultural values. Images in Stone celebrates the local sculptor, Joseph “Joe” Jacobs, and this exhibit companion features part of Woodland’s permanent collection of his works. Iroquoian Pottery features the works of Steve Smith, highlighting the beauty and culture in Smith’s world renowned pottery. Finally, Sound of the Drum is the catalogue companion to an exhibit which celebrated the cultural importance and vitality of social music and dance.

              • Power of Place – Strength of Being (2010)
              • Images in Stone: The Art of Joe Jacobs (2005)
              • Iroquoian Pottery by Steve Smith
              • Sound of the Drum (1990)


Community bundle – $25.00

This thematic bundle is meant to underscore and further educate folks in some of the

more immediately recognizable aspects of community: wampum, language, and the modern warrior. Skywalkersfeaturing some of our now permanent museum exhibition pieces, presents the history of Ironworkers and situates the importance of this role within the historical context, helping to explain how and why Onkwehón:we are so dominant in the field. Council Fire, the catalogue companion to an exhibit most popular with our support communities, highlights the wampum which were repatriated to the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy in 1988, in addition to two essays; one focused on the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the other on The Council of Three Fires. Tsi’ Niyukwalihó:ta (Our Culture) is an older reference and education tool for Oneida (Onyota’ake) language and culture, reinforcing the reality that the two cannot be removed from one another.

  • Skywalkers (1987)
  • Council Fire (1989)
  • Tsi’ Niyukwalihó:ta (1985)






Natural Reflections Bundle – $15.00

This bundle is intended to refocus our minds onto the importance of the natural world and our place of connection within it. As Snow Before the Summer Sun, the catalogue companion to the exhibit and conference of the same name, was a forefather to the centering of Indigenous voice, ideology and perspective in the discussion of natural environment. Floracolore provides in information on traditional, natural dyes utilized for thousands of years before and still to this day. Finally, Trees, Shrubs and Vines of Ontario is a resource to take with you for a better understanding of those plants which we may take for granted on our walks throughout the paths of Ontario.

            • Trees, Shrubs and Vines of Ontario
            • As Snow Before the Summer Sun (1992)
            • Floracolore (1978)





Vintage Woodland  – $10.00

Our Vintage Woodland bundle features older resources created for education on some of the more recognizable features of Haudnosaunee culture – including traditional agriculture, games, and clothing! Bundled in with these phenomenal resources (featuring the art of Bill Powless) are catalogues from previous exhibits featured at the Centre, focusing on traditional footwear and photos of specific regalia.

  • In the Steps of our Ancestors
  • Woodland Agriculture
  • Woodland Indian Games
  • Native Moccasins
  • Native Headdresses
  • Pow Wow Images


Residential School Mohawk institute

Matrilineal – $15.00

Haudenosaunee culture, like many others in the world, is one that follows matrilineal lines. This bundle highlights the continued importance of women, celebrating creation in its different forms. In Patches the quilts created by our grandmothers within the Six Nations community and in the Centre’s permanent collection – recent visitors will recognize those which were featured in our Fabric of Community exhibit. In the appropriately named Keepers of our Culture, the catalogue companion to the popular exhibit and conference of the mid 80s, the contributions of Indegenous women throughout history are highlighted. Finally, in the catalogue companion to Godi’nigoha’ (The Women’s Mind), explores the role of Iroquois women and their relationship to the environment through art..

● Patches
● Keepers of our Culture (1985)
● Godi’nigoha’ (The Women’s Mind) (1997)



Indigenous Artistry from This Century – $20.00

The art styles of Indigenous Turtle Island are as diverse as the artists themselves, and this bundle seeks to highlight that reality. This bundle features exhibition companions and individual artist focused works dating back to the 1980s up until 2003. A Celebration of Contemporary Canadian Art is a an exhibition companion catalogue; an exhibit with the same name, this was held in California in the late 80s to uplift and expose the talented artists involved to a larger audience. Spoken Trees is a collection by Lauralee K. Harris, featuring roughly 60 of their signature paintings on wood and poetry. Visions of Power is the catalogue companion to an exhibit which focused on bringing together the shared experiences of social, political and colonial disruption experienced by “First Nations, Inuit and Japanese Canadians”. Finally, Lifeworld-Artscapes is an companion catalogue to an exhibit of the same name, pushing the boundaries of what is considered Indigenous art and highlighting the resilient and adaptive core of our diverse cultures.

  • A Celebration of Contemporary Canadian Native Art (1987)
  • Spoken Trees (1996-2003)
  • Visions of Power (1991)
  • Lifeworlds-Artscapes (2003)


Quilt of Belonging – The Invitation Project – $30.00

Quilt of Belonging is a 120 ft long collaborative textile art project, portraying the unique cultural legacies of our world’s many nations. Woodland Cultural Centre is pleased to offer these resources to you for a deeper understanding of this beautiful exhibit. The Invitation Project book offers a close up perspective for each of the 263 blocks the quilt is made of. Featuring beautiful photographs of each of the individual blocks, this book is a crucial companion piece to truly understand the beauty of Quilt of Belonging.








Museum Resources


 Through the Ages – a History Bundle – $30.00

Our Museum department is excited to share this phenomenal resource for History fans. This bundle highlights the War of 1812, focusing on the Haudenosaunee, and offering tribute to our veterans of WWI through the 114th Battalion Flag. War Clubs & Wampum Belts provides a deeper understanding of the complex relations the Haudenosaunee experienced during the War of 1812. Route 1812 provides the guide to follow the same pathways used during this historic war, some of which you may have been using your whole life unknowingly!

                  • War Clubs & Wampum Belts
                  • Route 1812 Map + Guide
                  • WW1 114th Battalion Flag
                  • 3 War of 1812 Cards


Fluffs and Feathers – $18.00

Featuring items now part of our Museum’s Stereotypes and Racism section, Fluffs and Feathers

discusses the way Indigenous folk have been portrayed and exploited in popular culture throughout the ages, exploring how the very notion of “Indianness”, still internalized into the broader Canadian

psyche, has been written and imposed upon the Indigenous people of Turtle Island.


Also available in French.







Educational Resources


“Together” Bundle – $40.00

The perfect mix for Educators and Artists alike, this bundle features three books which combine the importance of oral history and artistic expression. This collection features a compilation of interviews with elders and respected community members from the Six Nations territory, conducted by youth from Six Nations combined with the catalogues from the “Walking Together” projects. Walking Together brought students together with Residential School Survivors to listen to their stories and create artwork in response to their stories. These mixed media and written expressions create a space of further conversation, and continued healing for all of our communities.


  • They Will Give Something To You All
  • Walking Together 2013
  • Walking Together 2015




“Inspiration” Bundle – $30.00

Our Education department is pleased to offer this bundle of Inspiration to our young and yet to come generations. Featuring three books, this bundle contains two childrens’ stories and a book of interviews with athletes of all ages from many different sports. The children’s stories are illustrated with the creative works of students from Glen Orchard Elementary and Quinte Mohawk School, and the stories are peppered with Kanyen’kehà:ka (Mohawk) words. Voices of Our Athletes highlights the sense of dedication and community central to sports and athleticism through the stories and images of 10 athletes, all of whom were interviewed by students.


              • Wahta Children’s Story of Gibson
              • Tekayentaneken’ronon of the Bay of Quinte (AKA “Home”)
              • Voices of our Athletes



Language Resources


O:gweh GoGa: Volumes #1 – 5   –  $7.00


Written in the Cayuga language and intended for intermediate speakers, this five) volume series contains two illustrated stories in each volume. The text was composed in the early 90s with input from the support communities of WCC; as testimony to the resiliency of language, these resources are still valuable for Cayuga learners and can double as c

olouring books for the doodling inclined!


Gayogoho:no’ – Far More Than 1000 Verbs – $40.00

Spiral bound, this hefty tome is for advanced Cayuga learning folk. A handbook of Cayuga Verb Morphology.










Wadewayéstanih – Cayuga Teaching Grammar – $40.00


A hefty tome with over 500 pages, Wadewayestanih is a spiral bound resource which helps instruct learners on the grammatical structuring of the Cayuga language. A crucial resource for folks interested in learning Gayogo̱hó:nǫ’.








Cayuga Thematic

Cayuga Thematic Dictionary – $20.00


A supplementary resource for Gayogohó:nǫ’ learners, this spiral bound dictionary provides some of the more common words categorized into styles themes, including colours, numbers, family members, etc.











Reclaiming our Territory Word by Word – $20.00

Essential tool for teaching languages. This book of lesson plans is designed to help anyone who is fluent to teach family and friends to learn oral language in an informal setting. Fluent Indigenous language speakers may be gone in 20 years or less so we must teach the language to the next generation.