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The Woodland Cultural Centre (WCC) was established in October 1972, under the direction of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians upon the closure of the Mohawk Institute Residential School (MI). WCC’s focus began on collecting research and artifacts, to develop its library and museum collections, expanding to include the arts in 1975, education programming in 1983and the language program in 1984. With over 35,000 artifacts in our Museum collection, the Centre is one of the largest facilities in Canada managed and administered by First Nations. The WCC serves to preserve, promote and strengthen Indigenous language, culture, art and history; bringing the story of the Hodinohsho:ni people of the Eastern Woodlands to life through innovative exhibitions and programs. As an organization with historic expertise and strong community connections, WCC has a key role to play in knowledge and learning through its program offerings, including museum, language, education, library and arts.

Through exhibitions, acquisitions, publications and public programs, the Centre promotes the careers of emerging and seasoned artists. The Centre contributes to the understanding of the Hodinohsho:ni world views and collaborates with other regional and national galleries.

The Language Program strengthens languages, produces resources, supports community grassroot language initiatives, and works with Elders, Faithkeepers, and speakers to preserve the languages so that future generations will also have the tools that they need to strengthen the languages in turn.

Both the WCC and the Mohawk Institute Residential School have a critical role to play in educating Indigenous and non-Indigenous people about the history, events and resiliency of Hodinohsho:ni people.

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The Save the Evidence campaign is an initiative launched by the Woodland Cultural Centre to raise awareness and support for the restoration of the former Mohawk Institute Residential School building.

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Woodland Cultural Centre needs your help in ensuring that we reach our goals with the Save the Evidence campaign! Save the Evidence only grows and advances with the advocacy and involvement of people like you.

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