Santee is one of the artists participating in Woodland Cultural Centre’s Virtual Face Mask Auction, Ga:hǫh ne’ hni’ ga:howe:kso/Covered and Uncovered. The auction is in response to the new realities created by the global coronavirus pandemic impacting so many Indigenous communities across the country, with 50% of proceeds shared with artists and 50% to support Woodland Cultural Centre programs, specifically School Visits & Educational Programming and Exhibitions.


Santee Smith is an internationally recognized leader in the performing arts, a multidisciplinary artist and producer from the Kahnyen’kehàka (Mohawk) Nation, Turtle Clan from Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario. She is one of Canada’s leading dance artists, and holds McMaster University degrees in Physical Education and Psychology along with a Master of Arts in Dance from York University.

Recovering from two broken legs, she completed six years of training at Canada’s National Ballet School, undertook theatre training and earned her degrees. She returned to dance in 1996 as a choreographer and dedicated six years to create and produce her first dance work, Kaha:wi, a family creation story. In 2005, she founded the Kaha:wi Dance Theatre with a vision to explore the intersection of Indigenous and new performance, international Indigenous collaborations and training. Through her research and creative practise, she is a strong voice for Indigenous dramaturgy, process and advocacy.

Santee Smith’s artistic work speaks about identity and Indigenous narratives. Her body of work includes 14 productions and numerous short works which tour nationally and internationally. Her commissions include choreography for the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Canadian Opera Company, North American Indigenous Games, among others.



Item #3

Turquoise Healing Mask

Valued at: $125.00 CAD

Materials: Linen, cotton, Turquoise beads, ribbon

Final Bid: $250.00 CAD


Item #4

Ribbon Mask 

Valued at: $75.00 CAD

Materials: Cotton, beads, crystal ribbon

Final Bid: $155.00 CAD


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  1. Dianne

    #4 Ribbon Mask $135. I could not find the bidding so not sure if other bids have come in higher?


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