Maxine Brake is one of the artists participating in Woodland Cultural Centre’s Virtual Face Mask Auction, Ga:hǫh ne’ hni’ ga:howe:kso/Covered and Uncovered. The auction is in response to the new realities created by the global coronavirus pandemic impacting so many Indigenous communities across the country, with 50% of proceeds shared with artists and 50% to support Woodland Cultural Centre programs, specifically School Visits & Educational Programming and Exhibitions.


I have always been interested in my culture and avid collector of indigenous art such as spruce root baskets, sweet grass baskets, Innu artwork but it wasn’t until late adulthood that my siblings and I learned that our Great, great grandmother was Mi’kmaq from Conner River, NL. Now I enjoy incorporating what I’m learning into my fibre arts.

As an eco-entrepreneur I use reclaimed fabrics, and pre-lovedgarments, breathe new life into them using various techniques.

My embroidery has been in several local exhibitions and the piece in my photo toured New Zealand. The more experience I get the more I love what I do.

I relate well to Woodland animals and enjoy embroidering them. I chose the bear for my first embroidered mask because they are the guardians and healers. As a single parent I felt like I was a Mama Bear.


Item #2

Mama Bear

Valued at: $75.00 CAD

Materials: Embroidered Thread

FINAL BID: $200.00 CAD


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  1. Lisa Johnson

    Lisa Johnson bids $100 for Mama Bear by Maxine Brake. Please confirm!


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