Mary A Clause is one of the artists participating in Woodland Cultural Centre’s Virtual Face Mask Auction, Ga:hǫh ne’ hni’ ga:howe:kso/Covered and Uncovered. The auction is in response to the new realities created by the global coronavirus pandemic impacting so many Indigenous communities across the country, with 50% of proceeds shared with artists and 50% to support Woodland Cultural Centre programs, specifically School Visits & Educational Programming and Exhibitions.



Mary A Clause is a Haudenosaunee artist that specializes in beadwork and quillwork. She has received many accolades for her work, most recently she had the opportunity to participate in the “Women of Influence: Each Block a Story” NRAG Women Artist Quilt Project at the Seneca Iroquois National Museum.


“It is my legacy to teach my art as a healing tool to Native women who been through trauma and help them heal through their eyes, heart and using their hands to create an art object. Knowing that it takes time to heal, and we don’t need to carry our heart pain with us. We as Native women, can come back with strength and power to carry on and help each other move forward. MMIW should also include survivors… hang on to what we have and a push to come home. Reaching out to preserve ourselves and reclaiming our identity, reclaiming our culture, reclaiming our language, and reclaiming our art.”


Item #5

I am a Survivor

Valued at: $500.00 CAD

Materials: Hand Tanned Moose Hide, Seed beads, Satin

Final Bid: $550.00 CAD


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