Six Nations Tourism

Six Nations Tourism will educate the general public and foster the development and promotion of culturally and historically significant sites, facilities, organizations, events, attractions, and services in Six Nations of the Grand River.

Chiefswood National Historic Site                                                    

To ensure the potential and real value of the Six Nations Forest is maintained for future generations To operate preserve, promote and maintain the E. Pauline Johnson homestead as an important representation of our unique culture and heritage and its overall contribution to the overall cultural fabric of Canada.

Mohawk Chapel                                                                               

Constructed near Brantford, Ontario in 1785 by the British Crown, the chapel was given to the Mohawk, led by Joseph Brant, for their support of the Crown during the American Revolution. They had migrated to Canada after Britain lost the Thirteen Colonies and were awarded land for resettlement. Originally called St. Paul’s, the church is commonly referred to as the Mohawk Chapel. Visit the site for information on tours and hours of operation.


​Kana:ta Village is a centre for learning and cultural destination designed to highlight the rich and diverse cultures of the Six Nations of the Grand River (Haudenosaunee/Onhkwehonweh) and other Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island.        

Indigenous Knowledge Centre           

Deyohahá:ge: provides a balanced platform for Indigenous research and knowledge sharing. The Centre provides for more Indigenous input into research, more respect for Indigenous research protocols and more benefit of research to the local communities. At the same time, local communities benefit from more access into research findings. Deyohahá:ge: is dedicated to sharing what students and scholars have learned and building upon what has already been done to help Indigenous communities recover, preserve and protect the knowledge of their ancestors.

Tribal Vision Dance                                                                    

Multimedia presentation “Visions of Turtle Island” Powwow & Haudenosaunee dancing. Live singing and participation dancing. Hoop Dance, Dance/Sing workshops for schools (fits Ontario Curriculum), Festivals, Special Events, Charity Galas, Weddings. Can design a presentation to suit your needs.


Iroqrafts is the largest and oldest arts and craft store on Six Nations, serving museums, collectors and retailers since 1959. Iroqrafts carrries arts and crafts from Six Nations and all across North America. They feature Iroquois books, moccasins, beadwork, jewelry, carvings, sculptures, craft supplies and more.

Grand River Rafting                                                                       

Grand River Rafting, Canoe, Kayak Trips & Rentals in Southern Ontario. Just one hour west of Toronto. Safe for all ages, sizes & skill levels. Offers the most unique guided trips in the valley, and different learning experiences…..teaching edible plants, aboriginal experiences, trees, wildlife, body surfing, drinking cold springs, hikes to lookouts and visiting points of interest in the valley. Customized programming as well.

GoodMinds Bookstore                                                                        is your leading source for purchasing bias-free teaching and educational resources related to Native American, First Nations, Indigenous and Aboriginal studies. now provides easy access to the best in library books for schools and public libraries. An Aboriginal-owned family business, is based on the Six Nations of the Grand River (Brantford) in Southwestern Ontario.

Kayanase Greenhouse                                                                          

Kayanase is an ecological restoration and native plant and seed business based on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ontario. Our organization is about restoring Mother Earth holistically, through the collection of native seeds, to seed processing, seed propagation, planting, monitoring and eventually back to healthful biodiversity! We are dedicated to improving the health of Mother Earth using science-based approaches and Traditional Ecological knowledge.

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