Indigenous Art 2021 Artist, Trevor O. Brant

Welcome to Woodland Cultural Centre’s Indigenous Art 2021 Exhibition.

Established in 1975, this is one of the longest running multi-media exhibitions that provide artists an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work in a fine art gallery setting. WCC is pleased to announce the return of this annual Juried Exhibition and we can’t wait to share the selected works with the public. Indigenous Art 2021 will be running September 11 – November 20, 2021.


Meet Artist, Trevor O. Brant

I was first introduced to soapstone carving in grade school. In high school I’d hoped to further my ability with a pencil and paintbrush, unfortunately that ended with my leaving the art class. My creativity was put on hold, only to re-emerge when I was older. 

This is when my journey started in becoming a carver. 

With a knife in my hand, a block of pine and some paint, a loon appeared. A while later a wood duck from a chunk of basswood. I was amazed at what I was able to create. I was given a Dremel carving tool as a gift from my wife, to help in the carving process. 

This is when antlers entered the picture. A good friend suggested that I should try carving in this medium. Then one night, sometime later, a deer antler showed up on my front porch. I took that as a sign and tried carving it.  

What you see here today is part of my creative journey.  

I like to carve wood, sometimes stone and I’ve even tried chainsaw carving; but somehow I’m always drawn back to antlers. 

My creations are inspired in many ways. Some from the numerous legends, stories and teachings of my ancestors. While other ideas come from being outside. The Creator and Mother Nature are the best artists ever so, why not learn from the best. 

I hope that you will enjoy my carvings as much I enjoyed creating them.


Trevor’s Featured Artwork

Trevor O. Brant

United We Stand, 2021

25″ x 16″ x 9.75″ / 63.5cm x 40.6cm x 24.8cm

Moose Antler










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