Indigenous Art 2021 Artist, Raymond R Skye

Welcome to Woodland Cultural Centre’s Indigenous Art 2021 Exhibition.

Established in 1975, this is one of the longest running multi-media exhibitions that provide artists an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work in a fine art gallery setting. WCC is pleased to announce the return of this annual Juried Exhibition and we can’t wait to share the selected works with the public. Indigenous Art 2021 will be running September 11 – November 20, 2021.


Meet Artist, Raymond R Skye

Iroquois … Haudenosaunee Artist

Six Nations Grand River Territory

Ontario, Canada

Tuscarora artist, Raymond Skye – Awédodyoh … end of day, was born at Six Nations Grand River Territory in Southern Ontario, and has worked diligently to distinguish himself as an artist of talent and ability. Self-taught and self-disciplined, he has chosen the drawing media and techniques with which to express his fascination for the real image. Raymond’s appreciation of wildlife, portraiture, architecture and still life give him a tremendous range of imagery. He juxtaposes and blends reality and illusion to present to the viewer his passion and romance for history. Raymond enjoys the challenges that art brings to him. His first love is pencil and charcoal, but also enjoys working in pastel, coloured pencil, watercolour and acrylic.

Raymond’s father was a member of the Seneca Nation, and his mother was Tuscarora. He credits much of the inspiration for his artwork to the traditional teachings of his parents. He firmly claims those teachings have given him a strong cultural foundation from which to work from that continues to inform his art. Raymond’s art reflects his ancestral bloodline, a connectedness to his soul, and a portal by which to celebrate the resilience of his people, the Haudenosaunee.

Dr Thomas V. Hill

Curator Emeritus

Woodland Cultural Centre


Raymond’s Featured Artwork

Raymond R. Skye

Indigenous History, 2020

38” x 33” x 1.5” / 96.5cm x 83.8cm x 3.8cm

Mixed media



















Raymond R. Skye

Native Allies…Warriors, 2020

17.5” x 21” / 4.4cm x 53.3cm

Mixed media





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