Woodland Cultural Centre is a registered charity and not-for-profit that relies heavily on donations from individuals and businesses to carry out our programs and services.

You can make donations online and be part of the Story of Woodland Cultural Centre through Canada Helps


All the donations received go towards sustaining our excellent programming in the areas of arts, cultural education, language preservation and our people’s history so that we can continue to provide quality programming for our communities and our visitors.

The Woodland Cultural Centre is a non-profit organization which preserves and promotes the culture and heritage of the First Nations of the Eastern Woodland area.

We succeed with your support.  

Please contact us today and find out how you can help us to achieve our goals and mandate.


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Interested in donating your time? Whether you are a high school student looking for ways to make up Community Services Hours, or a retiree looking to offer your expertise and experience, the Woodland Cultural Centre’s numerous departments and programs mean that there is always the potential for volunteer work! To be considered as a volunteer, please click here to fill out our form. Once complete, please feel free to submit your form to Please note that only successful volunteer applicants will be contacted.